Hail Damage

Restoration After Hail Damage

Every hail season is a nightmare for drivers because it means that a storm can happen any time. Hail stones can damage a car seriously harming both its painting and overall appearance. Depending on the method for hail damage restoration, you can do even more harm to your car – the approach should be chosen correctly.

There are two  ways to repair your car:

Method 1 – Body Shop

Get your vehicle to a usual body shop, and, most likely, its masters will offer you to replace the hood and the trunk, remove the old damaged roof and weld a new one, with the remaining dents filled up with putty. As soon as the putty gets dry, it will be sanded to be made smooth. After that, the masters will repaint your vehicle. Of course, it allows restoring the surface of your car entirely, but what if the color of the new parts doesn’t match the original factory parts? Besides, this service takes more than two weeks!

Method 2 – Dan’s  Hail  Solutions

Why not opting for Paintless Dent Removal? This is a revolutionary approach that allows you to get rid of car dents without eliminating the layers of paint. Such technique is widely used thanks to the fact it allows for maintaining all the original parts and their surfaces. To top it off, the procedure takes only a day, and costs a fraction of what you’d be charged by a body shop.

Did you know that the method of Paintless Dent Removal is the preferable way of hail damage removal that’s issued by almost all modern insurance companies? There are lots of companies offering this service, too! Most likely, the one is located right in your town.


Paintless hail damage repair has a lot of advantages, including:

  • It saves insurance companies boatloads of money every year – this is a better alternative than the total replacement of parts.
  • It saves the value of the vehicle – all of its parts stay on their places.
  • It saves time, because car owners won’t have to wait in queues for their vehicles to be repaired.

This is a better solution for car dealerships, because instead of organizing hail sale or sending a lot of affected cars to the body shop, they can fix the problem within a short period of time. Note that insurance companies and dealerships work with some well-established repair shops.

Alternatively, you can contact such company directly and have your car repaired. Just get a written estimation of hail damage repair, and forward a copy to your insurance company – the expenses will be covered. Just make sure you work with a repair shop that’s acknowledged by the insurance community.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hail Damage Repair

So if you realize your car has been damaged by hail, it’s always better to contact your insurance company and let them do their job – it will save you time and money. Pay the deductible, and enjoy the brand-new look of your car soon.

My car has been damaged in the hail storm. What are my next actions?

Hail damage is one of the rare cases when the harm is the act of nature – it’s not your fault. Therefore, your insurance does cover it, and you won’t be charged for repair. So don’t miss your chance.

Call a company that specializes on paintless hail damage repair, and then contact your insurance company and initiate a claim. The representative of a body shop will visit you and estimate the damage in the written form. Then the insurance company will either send their adjuster to estimate the damage, or inform you where to get your vehicle to assess the damage by a specialist.

What will an adjuster do?

The adjuster will inspect your car and estimate the sum required to fix damages. Don’t expect the estimate to be 100% accurate – it’s an approximate sum. Some insurance companies write the lowest amount, because people may take the money and leave their car without repair. Some national insurance company instruct their adjusters to estimate on 90% of their claims on purpose. But what if you know that the estimated sum won’t be enough to have the entire car repaired? Don’t worry. As soon as your car is repaired, the difference between the final sum and the estimate will be resolved between the vendor providing repair and the insurance company.

Please, remember that some insurance adjusters will recommend you to have the car repaired by their ‘preferred providers’, but, typically, this is just a deal between the vendor and the company. In such case, the vendor agrees to perform services for the cheapest amount in return for getting company’s work. It is up to you to select the company/person/business to repair your car. Besides, it’s illegal for an insurance company or their representative to demand you to use some specific service shop. Moreover, the recommended vendors can have their representatives in company claim centers. Do not let insurance companies and vendor representatives pressure you to make a decision – you are free to make your choice.

Estimation has been made, now what?

Call the repair provider and schedule the time for your vehicle. As a rule, most such procedures can be performed within a day.

Can I just keep the money and not repair my vehicle?

As a rule, insurance companies send clients a check after having estimated the damage to their cars. However, pretty often, the amount of the check and the estimation is considerably less than the actual cost of repairs. Expenses for a reputable and well-established vendor are much higher than on the preferable vendors recommended by insurance companies. This is the strategy of insurance companies to minimize expenses. If you don’t repair your car after cashing the check, it means you settle your claims for the estimated amount. In fact, the amount of damage can be much higher.

Before keeping the cash from your check and not having your car repaired, remember there are some consequences following it. First, in case of a future damage claim, the insurance company can reduce the amount of money provided in that claim (it will retain as much as was given to you for hail damage repair). If the claim amount is not applied to any liens against the vehicle, the vehicle value may be not enough to satisfy the lien, if you want to sell, trade or lease the car. If your car was financed through a bank, the check will be made out to bank and you.


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